Thursday, December 17, 2015

Dec 14 - Staying in Topilejo!

Hey all!!

Well first of all the big news is that the whole district up here in Topilejo, we are going to all stay together! Nobody has changes! These next transfers aren’t going to be for 7 weeks so I am going to be here in Topi until February! That’ll be 6 months, wow!

Also, about the mission, the big rundown is that we are going to have another stake! Right now we have 6 and they are going to add a 7th one! No one knows what the cause was, if they closed a mission or opened one or anything like that. Also, no one knows if the missionaries from the stake are going to come with it, or if they are all going to go to different parts of their own mission and everyone will be opening area there. Also, no one knows when it’s going down or anything, but it’s all good!

This week was a slower week! Hmmm...well I took a ton of pictures with members and investigators because I didn’t want to go without having pictures of them, but now I won’t have to worry the next time changes come around!

We didn’t really have any luck finding new investigators this week. One super cool lesson that we had was with the Family Ramierez. We found out that the Dad is a low key alcoholic and so we talked about why God doesn’t want that, and he just like started to cry, and we were like uh oh did we do something wrong? Then he left and came back with a big bottle of whisky and was like take it, I don’t want it anymore I AM DONE! It was super cool to see how the spirit touched his heart and was able to change him! So cool!! Also, we put a baptismal date with Salome so it was awesome to see that progress as well.

We got to see the temple dedication of the Tijuana temple yesterday and it was super cool! I have now seen 2 rededications and one dedication in the mission! Elder Uchtdorf gave an amazing talk and an amazing prayer, it was an incredibly spiritual meeting that I loved!

The pictures are the view from Topilejo, the setting up of the Christmas tree and the Family Ramierez!

Also, fun fact the highest part of our area called Parres is at 3200 meters above sea level or just a little under 10500 feet! Wow!!

Have a great week all!

Elder Stout

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