Monday, May 16, 2016

May 11 - Post Dia de la Mama!

Hey all, 
So this will be a shorter email because I feel like I talked a lot on Sunday in the mother’s day call!

But, the big thing this last week was that our area grew a lot! For some special circumstances, they took out one of the companionships from our zone, and Elder Crandall and I are now in charge of going and visiting their old area which is a good 45 mins away from our area in transport. But, it will be fun getting to know even more people and seeing how much success we can go have in an area like that! I am super excited. It’s a ward called Espartaco!

Today Elder Crandall and I went to a cool part of the zone called the Centro de Coyoacan and it was just this really cool old looking place that reminded me of Europe, I included a pic of us in front of the cathedral there.

We also did intercambios this week, but one of the elders in the other companionship was sick so it was my job to just stay and hang out with him which was really boring, I can’t believe how much I just like working now, but I took one for the team I guess so they wouldn’t lose time in their area, but we took a picture with him passed out in his bed! 

Well, that’s about it I think! I hope everyone else had a good week too!

Elder Stout

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