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MTC week 3 - Conference and Priesthood Choir

Alex and his MTC District
Hey everyone!
I love and miss you all so much! But this week went by so incredibly scarily fast! I cannot believe it is already p day again....Like boom I was just emailing you guys like an hour ago!!!!! It is so very weird to have this experience! I really do know what you mean that it will fly by, and I have been talking to Andrew Millett and Corbett and they have said that 6 months in the mission supposedly feels shorter than 6 weeks in the MTC so that is really really scary!!

Okay so lets see what has happened in the last week! The big thing was general conference! Oh my gosh, I don't know if it is always this good but I was enthralled by every single talk, it was amazing!! I took like 30 pages of notes in my spiritual journal that dad gave me! Haha and I cannot tell you how incredible it was to be at the conference center! The second that President Monson and the apostles walked into the room there was a noticable difference, it is something that I cannot really describe but if I ever doubted that those men had the power to receive direction from Heaven for the world, then I do not now. You could just feel the spiritual strength of all of them! I loved Craig C. Christensian, Dieter F. Uchtdorf and Quintin L. Cook! Such powerful messages I loved the comments on testimony and taking personal accountability for everything in our lives because this church and the gospel of Jesus Christ are about having our own personal relationship with God!! Which leads me to something that I have really enjoyed studying this week, I have spent a lot of time in 3 Nephi when the savior visits the Nephites because it is the most true account that we have of the words the savior actually said! So, this week I read 3 Nephi 12:7, read it as a family. I thought of it in a way that I never have before! I thought of it as there are really three separate parts rather than just the same things again. We need to first ask our Lord whatever we need, then we need to go seek his words to find our answer and then finally we need to go back and knock at his door and ponder the words and that is when the spirit will truly testify to us and let us know what the answer to our question is! D. Todd Cristofferson's talk from Saturday Morning was so good, so was Cheryl A. Epslin's! But I think my favorite was Henry B. Eyering's from Sunday morning about how repentance and revelation are continuous and that glimpses won't be enough for us! I will explain more about that in the letter I will send tonight as well!! I loved Charles A. Goday's talk as well, very different idea that was soooo cool! Then everyone here at the MTC loved David A. Bednar's on Sunday afternoon. Richard G. Scott also delivered a very powerful messgae about family life! Please go back through and watch these talks again together since I don't have enough time too! Also, I am trying to watch Saturday afternoon and rewatch Priesthood since I couldn't take notes during that! General Conference is so amazing! I just want to restress especially to Jake and Max that this is the scriptures being written today, this is the same as the stuff that Nephi, or Alma, or Paul wrote!
Home and Mexico City.  Not that far apart, mom!

Our investigators are going pretty incredibly! We are teaching three people right now! And we are pretty sure that theres a chance we could be teaching a non-member! So first we have Marcelo, who is illiterate and is addicted to a bunch of different drugs, we helped him find hope through Christ and find reasons to stop doing drugs and to follow Christ's example. But then when he was applying for a job he failed a drug test that tests the last 6 months so he got really upset and used drugs again. So we went in and taught a powerful lesson about how God loves him and doesn't want him ruining his life like that, and how we can see the potential that his life has and we want to help him get there and he took that really well! Then there is Alberto who used to be a Catholic until the pastor couldn't answer some of his questions, so we had him read James 1:5 and pray about Joseph Smith and he loves that story and completely believes that God would talk to us individually and the first night we gave him the BOM he read all the way to Alma but he doesn't realize why he needs to be baptized again so we read him D&C 22 about priesthood authority and 132:7 and told him that what sets us apart is that we have the same power that Jesus taught about and that really hit him, he was like wow I never thought of that. We had him read 3 Nephi 11-19 about baptism he said that he does believe we are the only ones that have the power of God and Jesus and that he has no reason to not be baptized! Then the last one is the real one! His name is Alan and he goes to BYU and he just wanted to know why all of his classmates and his member brother are so happy, he told us that he thinks the bible isn't translated correctly and that he wants to learn more about our Book of Mormon because he was intrigued by Joseph Smith's quote that it is the most true book in the world. We just got to know him last time, but we are teaching him again tomorrow night! 
MTC Comps and Bros for life!

We had a meeting with Elder...yesterday after he didn't talk at all with Marcelo and just told him how much we loved him and the reason that we ride him is because we want him to be great, we want him to be incredible! He really was hit by that, and then I told the district we are over halfway in, we have gotta be all in because this is the only time in our mission we will be able to focus on improving every second of everyday, and they are going to be the best district in the world because I can see how great everyone of them is going to be, they are like the most incredible group of people I have ever met! I love them! Then Elder ... bore his testimony and started sobbing and it was so touching, I think we are moving in the right direction!

Scriptures this week!!:)
Dad- John 3:27 especially in your job, take my 3 steps, run everything by the Lord
Mom-Alma 21:16-17 Just remember I am going to be fine!:) The Lord will bless me for my service! Extra 2Nephi 2:11 Appreciate the hard times, just like the good, I know times are tough right now but just love life!
Sam- 3 Nephi 20:8-9 Think a little more about the sacred responsibility you have to bless the sacrament!
Jake- Alma 5:45-47 Just like I told you about me praying, you are old enough to really pray and ask God for help, do what Alma did and start building your testimony little buddy!
Max-2 Timothy 3:15-17 Start learning about God now little man! He is the most important thing that we can learn about!!

Aleder Hernadez' sketch of the MTC District
(look, Elder Stout is not the shortest)
I also had an idea! Maybe you guys could buy a quad or something, idk how much they cost, but then get 6 markers and mark the scriptures I send for each person in a color and then scriptures I say I like or for the whole family in another color! Idk just an idea! I will write a letter soon with a little more info! I love and miss you all so much!!!!:)

Con Amor,

Elder Stout

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