Monday, March 14, 2016

Mar 14 - The Prophet Today

Hey all!!

So first of all is the big news of the week is that Elder Penrod and I are going to be staying together in Churubusco for one more change! WOOHOO!!!! That means that I will get to be his last companion and that its almost certain that I will be here until at least June and maybe even July! I am so happy! Elder Penrod and I are working so hard, and are really seeing the results of our labors; he is such an awesome Elder and person, I am so thankful that I will be able to keep learning from him for 6 more weeks; and that also means that I will be spending quite a bit of time in an awesome ward and area! The Lord is blessing me so much, and I know that he must have a lot of work that he needs me to do here, so it’s time to buckle down and just go get it all done.

A really funny experience that we had last night is that right now we are preparing America, Alexa and Zoe for their baptism. We have had a little bit of a hard time teaching Zoe because well she is 8 years old and has the attention span of an eight-year-old. For example, if we ask her at the beginning of a lesson what a prophet is, she will tell us, like its someone who has God’s power, and we will say good job and then go on to explain more of what a prophet is. Then, when we end the lesson we will ask her so what did you learn about prophets and she gives us the exact same answer as before....haha so we decided to give them a bit of homework, with a bunch of questions about the things that we’ve taught them and have them look for their answers in the scriptures and online and just in whatever way they can. We gave it to them when we went to eat with their family last Tuesday (pic attached).

We went back yesterday to check in and Elder Penrod and I literally were laughing for about 15 minutes as we read one of Zoe’s answers. The question was, ´´Who is the prophet today?´´ and she put, ´´the prophet today is a very very good man and a good prophet who is named Today.´´ haha so I guess we have to go back and focus a little more on helping her get a testimony of Thomas S. Monson, hahaha. But, they are still moving forward good for their baptism this Saturday, keep praying for them so that nothing gets in their way.

On Saturday I also had the incredible opportunity of conducting a baptismal interview for the elders in Espartaco, I haven’t the opportunity to do one for a while, so it was such a good reminder to me of the changes that really happen in a person´s life as they prepare for baptism. As we are teaching the people we sometimes are oblivious to that, but when its someone else’s investigator its way easier to see. Her name was Alicia and she just shared with me the strongest testimony of how she knows she’s not perfect but that she just wants to follow Christ, before I even started the questions the spirit testified to me so strongly that she was ready. We were both crying during the interview and it was just a very spiritual experience overall.
Tamara and Rubi are getting ready for their baptism too, we were able to pass by with them a few times this week and we watched Meet the Mormons with them last night with the Ortiz Muñoz family. It’s awesome, Rubi is already set on serving a mission, and she told us she already wants to start preparing, she’s only 15 and not even baptized yet, she’s the best!

Well those are the updates from here! 

Best Wishes,

Elder Stout

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