Sunday, March 6, 2016

Mar 1 - Short Note

Hey all!
Well just to let you all know that this is probably going to be one of the shortest emails that I have written because I spent a good 50% of our pday writing time just trying to get my computer to sign in, so on top of the fact that I don’t have very much time, I am a little frustrated and am not able to think super well about what happened this week.
So better I will just describe the pictures of the week.
First of all there is a picture of me with a young man from the stake because there was a big stake wide young men’s activity where they split up all of the YM on divisions with missionaries from the entire zone to spend one day in the life of a missionary. It was a really cool experience, my comps name was Alam Rojas, and it was cool to be able to answer questions that I forgot that non missionaries might even have about mission life. Another cool part of the whole thing is that President and the APs asked me to share my testimony to get the whole thing kicked off. It was such an incredible experience to be able to share my missionary with those youth and the zone about the importance of preparing the next generation of missionaries. If there are any youth of mission age, or almost there, reading this and thinking about serving a mission, I invite you to serve now. Not for you, but because the Lord truly needs you, he has prepared you to be in the best generation for missionaries that the world has ever seen; every generation is better than the last. I know that this is a work that will continue going onward, but the Lord needs our help!!
Another picture was of a family that accompanied us to a lesson, the family Morales Rangel. They only got baptized a year and a half ago, but the dad is the Elders Quorum President! They are an incredible family. About halfway through the visit I realized that the son, Jose Armando had just been ordained a deacon like Jake, so as we left I asked him when his bday is and he told me the 3rd of February, just one day after Jake. It was a special moment for me to think that he is practically the same age as my little brother and it made me feel really close to him.
Elder Penrod and I have had the bad luck of losing signal pretty much every night this week, but we also have the responsibility of reporting with the missionaries at night, so here is a picture of us when we had to go out at night to find service and report by the side of the road.
Lastly, we have made it a Monday tradition to run up to the top of the cerro de estrella here in our area, so here is a picture from the run this week!
Well that’s the weekly rundown, once again I am sorry that it’s so short, I hope that you guys all had a great week!
Elder Stout

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