Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Feb 23 - Heat Wave!

Hey all!

So first of all I feel like there is a heat wave going on...My comp keeps telling me that we are max in the high 70s but I am dying! I think I got way too used to the mountain life in Topilejo, and the heat is just wearing me out! But, I guess I will get used to it eventually!

This week went super well! First of all, we had some awesome intercambios with Elder Galindo and Elder Noguerra in their area. I got to sleep in a hammock because they didn’t have 4 beds, but it was awesome! Like the best night of sleep, I have had in my whole mission. Elder Penrod and I both life the intercambios still feeling a little iffy, not knowing if we really helped them. That is until the night time when they called us super excited to report on the progress of the people that we had contacted with them, and the people that we had visited, so that was a super cool phone call. Their district leader called us after that too, and was like, what did you guys do in the intercambios?? I have never seen them this excited to work, so that was a cool phone call to hear, really an answer to our prayers because we were just trying to jumpstart the work in a hard area.

The rest of this week was a blur because well it was a week of only 6 days...But, we saw a lot of progression in two of our investigators this last week. Tamara and Rubi and doing so well!! They just love the gospel, they just want to learn about it as much as possible, and that is so fun to see as a missionary. They can’t wait to be baptized, and Rubi is even talking about serving a mission someday! They also told us this last week that Rubi used to have some problems, like not being able to sleep at night and stuff like that, but that ever since we started coming all of that has changed! So that’s awesome! Also, Azul Morales has got to be the smartest 9-year-old girl that I have ever met! She learns faster than the majority of our 40-year-old investigators, but she as well cannot wait to get baptized, a sad note on that family to respond to Dad is that their Father isn’t present in their life:/ so that would be awesome to have a family member do it, but it looks like it won’t work out.

A cool activity we did this week was on Saturday night we took Tamara and Rubi to the Ortiz Muñoz family’s house to watch the Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration movie, and it was an incredible experience. I have seen that movie multiple times in my mission with investigators, but the spirit was just so strong this time. It really strengthened my personal testimony that Joseph Smith was called of our loving Heavenly Father to restore the same gospel that was established by Jesus Christ, and this work cannot be stopped! I hope that you all have a great week,

Elder Stout

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