Monday, February 1, 2016

Feb 1 - THe Mexico City Water Crisis


So the first two big things from tis week are that well there are two big announcements for Mexico City. So first f all it used to be like Washington DC where it was a district that wasn’t officially like a city or a state or part of a state. It was called the distrito federal or the DF but apparently this last week there was a vote here and the DF officially became a state, called La Ciudad de Mexico. Which for us is pretty funny because our mission call says that we are serving in Mexico City but I have literally never heard that my entire time here, but now that’s our official name.

Also, on another unrelated note, the Mexico City government decided to just shut off water to the entire city for a week to do repairs. So Elder Penrod and I are living out of buckets to shower and wash dishes from water theat we stored up last week. Reminds me of living back in Topilejo haha but it’s all good.

Also, we got the changes last night and Elder Penrod and I are staying together here in Churubusco. Our zone is going to go down from 29 missionaries to 27 and we will be getting 7 missionaries new to the zone, so I am excited to see who they will be tomorrow when we go to the changes to help President with everything! Elder Penrod and I realized too that he is entering into his last two changes in the mission so that freaked him out like a ton!

So this week wasn’t nearly as exciting as the last two weeks but we had an awesome week. One thing that we have been focusing on as mission is truly uniting together with the members and having more lessons with member present to the investigators because having that friend, and that extra testimony just helps SO much when someone is just beginning to know the gospel of Jesus Christ. This week was the most successful I have had in my entire life working with members here. We worked with 11 different members this week and reached the mission goal of having 20 lessons with member present this week. We also had more lessons this week than I have had in my whole mission with 46 (and that with the fact that we had a lot of things to do to help President this week like go to every session of stake conference even when all the other missionaries only go to one...) So there was a lot of success in all of that this week. We saw the fruits too! America and her daughters got picked up for church by one of our recent convert families and came to stake conference and had an awesome time, the girls are so excited to go to primary next week! We have a lot left to do to be able to help Adan but with time the Lord can change his heart. Also, with Alejandro and Mirna, we brought a member who is very very wealthy with us and he just bore to them the strongest testimony about how his family depends on him, how 15 employees depend on him, but he closes every Sunday because he knows that without the blessings of the Lord for his obedience it would be impossible to provide for them. We didn’t even have to say anything afterwards, they just said, well next week we are going to close the store! WOOHOO! I love this. Finally, Valeria received a lot of help from her sisters this week to be able to put a baptismal date. We had some super powerful lessons with her about repentance and the atonement that really strengthened every person in the lesson (I think especially Elder Penrod and I). It was a work filled week, and a hard one, but a rewarding one.
The zone had a great week as well. We had the opportunity to work with a district leader from Espartaco this week. I went with his companion named Elder Sanchez and it was super cool. He is newer to the mission, but is super excited to be here and get the work done as the Lord wants. Yesterday we had a special meeting where Elder Penrod and I trained all of the district leaders from the zone about how to give better district meetings to really make them an environment of learning through the spirit. We focused on the difference between teaching like a school teacher, and teaching like we should as missionaries, it was a spiritual experience for us, I am so glad that the Spirit directed us to do that, we didn’t know how it was going to turn out but it was definitely worth it.

Well that’s all from here this week,

Elder Stout

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