Sunday, February 14, 2016

Feb 9 - On top of the world

Hey all,

This week was a great week as always! Not that much happened it seemed like, even though it was an 8 day week from the last time I wrote, (Side Note: NEXT WEEK MY PDAY WILL BE WEDNESDAY, I am sorry for all of the changes but we have a zone conference next Tuesday, and so the Assistants told Elder Penrod and I that we could change our pday to Wednesday so that we have more than like 2 hours to do everything). So first of all, please be praying for me, because I am pretty nervous to give the zone training, we are going to be there for 6 hours, and we are in charge of all of it. We asked President and the Assistants to teach as well, but the majority of the time we are going to be teaching, and well it’ll be a lot different than giving a one hour district meeting to 4 people, so please be praying for me, especially next Tuesday so that the Spirit can be with us, and we can give the message that the missionaries in the Churubusco zone need.

So the coolest part of this last week for work was Sunday. Elder Penrod and I have talked about how pretty much the whole mission Sunday has been one of the hardest days for us, because there are always so many people who say that they are going to come to church, and well so many of those promises are empty because we just sit there in church waiting and waiting and well the majority never come (that’s how we know who the Lords elect are, but it’s still hard). But this week, we had a ton of investigators there at church! America and her daughters (in the picture) came and actually beat us to the chapel. Also, Alejandro’s son, Alex came with us, and his parents wanted to be there so bad, but they were dealing with sick kids at home. Valeria was there (and also told us that she feels like she is almost ready for baptism). And a new investigator was there named Jaqueline!

Jacqueline was a miracle this week. We have been teaching her family forever, they are all less active members, well her in laws and her husband. And they came this week to get their new baby blessed, and it was the first time they had come in years. Afterwards, they commented to us, the powerful spirit that they had felt to hear the words of a blessing from the Lord, and her family said they won’t miss another Sunday, and she, with tears in her eyes, asked us when is the soonest that she can get baptized. Please pray for the Heredia family so that they can keep these feelings with them and keep coming to church.

A cool thing at the end of church, America comes up to us with a tithing envelope and asked us, “what do I do with this?” We started explaining to her what tithing is and stuff like that, but she said, no no no I already know that, after the testimonies, I looked it up in the scriptures. This IS my tithing, I want to pay it. What an incredible testimony building experience for me, to see how the spirit is touching her heart and converting her to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Another cool thing that Elder Penrod and I did, was one morning we got up super early, and instead of our normal exercise we ran up to the top of the Cerro de la Estrella, one of the best known hills in Mexico City, its right behind our area, and took us almost an hour to get up, but it was so worth it!

Well that’s a wrap!
Have a great week,
Elder Stout

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