Friday, November 7, 2014

Elder Stout is in Mexico!

Hey everybody!!!

Last American Meal - Panda Express
I made it! I am in Mexico!!!! The area that I am serving in is called San Pedro Martir 1! It is on like the outskirts of the city but I am still in the big city! There are 4 of us serving in this ward, me and my companion Elder Lewis from Manti, as well as the zone leaders! Yes, that's right I got a white companion!!! Haha that is so nice, he is able to explain to me how everything works mission wise and I am learning a ton from him. He has been out just over a year, and has been in this area for 6 months so he knows like everyone which has been really nice!


On the plane
The flights went great to get down here, it was so nice to see dad at the airport and then to be able to call and talk to everyone even though it did make me a little more homesick, it was definitely worth it! Elder Jones and I ate our last meal in America at the Panda Express in Atlanta haha it was awesome, then our flight was delayed leaving so we didn't get in here until 7 pm. Then the AP''s and the mission president picked us up there (after my bag got searched at customs for like 20 minutes) and for our first meal in Mexico we ate at the Carl's JR. right in the airport hahah it was really weird. Also we found out that night that our mission isn't allowed to drink Coke, are you kidding me?? that's what Ihave been looking forward to since I got my call!!! So that's a bummer! But its whatever, I will just enjoy it more when I get back. That night we had all 10 of us from Provo as well as 6 from Mexico City all stay in the same house then in the morning we got orientated, met our companions and we were in taxi's and off to work. We literally work non-stop, we are like late to every appointment because we have to plan them so close together, it is so awesome. In my area (and most of the mission) there is absolutely no tracting and almost no contancting, literally everything is from the members! So awesome! We had our first baptism this week, Elder Lewis got to baptize Abigail Romero Lira, who is our bishop's daughter in law! I got to be there for like her last lesson haha but it still count's! We have I think 4 other investigators with baptismal dates too, and at that baptism, a young guy like Sam's age just came up and told us where he lives and that he thinks he wants to join the church, so we are going to meet with him tomorrow!
Probably a view from the first apartment


A lot of the work here is working with recent converts and less active members. The culture here is Catholic where it isn't that important to go to church everyweek so a lot of people don't understand why they need to keep doing stuff after they are baptized so those are about two thirds of our lessons right there! Also, like anytime you go to anybody's house here they give you a ton of food. We are supposed to make our own breakfast and dinner and eat lunch with a member, but we end up just eating with members all day long. Haha plus agua does not mean water here. No body drinks water because it is so unhealthy, so we walk into someones's house and they are like do you want lime or grapefruit water? haha it is awesome though! I haven't gotten sick yet either which is awesome, but Elder Lewis said he didn't get sick until his second week, so fingers crossed with that one. THe food is way different than I imagined, it's almost like curry! It's like rice and then some meat with some rich sauch that you mix all together and eat with a tortilla and so far so good! I have loved almost everything I have gotten so far!


First Baptism, only 5 days in the country.  The work is
moving so fast in Mexico!
Day of the dead was crazy especially since we live right by a cemetary, but we had a baptism on the craziest night, so there's no way that I would rather spend it! All in all, it has been an awesome first week. I was really homesick the first couple of nights, but getting to work (especially having a baptism) got me out of it! I miss everyone so much, and I do kind of miss the MTC, haha but I know this is where I am supposed to be!


Alex and comp
Random thoughts: Everyone drives like a lunatic down here, it a lot worse than in Rome. We ride these micro busses whenever we ahve to go somewhere and they cost about  40 american cents to go anywhere but they are packed full and there are always people hanging off the side. For our excercise we play what's called Frunton which is exactly like squash without the raquets so tell grandpa Carlos! We had a lesson at a member's home last night who is like super rich so he gave us Black Cherry sodas and these awesome crossiant sandwiches, him and his wife remind me 100% exactly like Brother and Sister Newton, so weird! Like they even look like them! Best part of the week was they have pan de los muertos or dead bread that is literally this sweet bread covered in cinnamon and sugar, it was like I died and went to heaven!


Love you all, and miss you all as well,

Elder Stout

Happy Halloween!

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