Saturday, December 6, 2014

Happy December

Hey!! Can't believe in just a few weeks I get to talk to you!!! You asked for pictures of my apartment so I included them, and I am so lucky that I have been uploading pictures to dropbox, because last night I accidentally deleted all my photos, apparently that's what format memory card means! But they are all on drop box minus like 6 so I will just re-download them! Phew!!! Also, make sure to ask me if you have any questions on photos that I send because I am sure at times they are pretty random!

Sounds like you all had an awesome thanksgiving! I had a good one too! I went on splits with our district leader Elder Batt and we pigged out that night on root beer and kettle chips that his family had sent him in the care package!

This turned out to be a lot slower of a week than we had expected because like no one was home! Like literally over 50% of our appointments fell through! It was a huge bummer! But, I did have two cool lessons this week where the spirit just totally took over! First we were teaching Azusena about the last half of the plan of salvation, and I just was able to really powerfully testify about the Spirit World and the lower kingdoms about how God doesn't really punish us but it's a punishment we inflict on ourselves, because we know we didn't realize our potential, which just really hit her, and she started like crying during the prayer because of the spirit, and it was really cool, because we never take that approach, but I felt like we should! Then we were teaching Javier the recent convert, and we were talking about like reading the scriptures and praying. Javier really wants to serve a mission in a couple years, and I had a really cool experience where I felt like I was giving Sam all of the advice that I want to as his brother about what he should do before a mission, and I honestly felt like I was talking to Sam, it was so cool, but I felt the spirit prompt me to promise him that if he did these things every day he would be one of the most powerful missionaries ever and we were all just kind of like woah, because we felt the spirit really strong then!

Only other thing this week was my interview with Mission President! We talked about my goals and he loved my idea to have a checklist for every investigator with the baptismal questions and the qualifications for baptism in D and C 20 37, and mark them off when we teach them that thing so they can truly be ready for baptism! I just told him I want to get better at lesson planning to be able to really help the person we are teaching! Cool thing, he asked me if we spoke Spanish at home! So, I guess it really is coming along!

Last thing, everyone needs to go watch He is the Gift! And everyone needs to go to YouTube next Sunday!! This video is huge, it has such a cool powerful message, and it is already helping us so much down here!! I love you all and will talk soon!!

Elder Stout

A few other things he sent to just the fam...

Scripture of the week is Isaiah 1:18

Mission president is so awesome! He is just straight business and he like pumps us all up! Too bad we will be getting a new mission president in July! That'll be weird!

We also asked him to send pictures of his apartment.  He delivered...see below.  Fun to see what his living arrangements are like.

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