Saturday, February 21, 2015

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Hey everyone!!!!!

Les quiero muchisimo!!!!!! That translates to I want you all a lot which is pretty weird in english but they use that interchangeably with les amo mucho down here so I figured I would try it! I am so glad that you all had great weeks with bdays and everything!!!!

So what happened this last week, I don’t even really know!!! It went by so fast, and there wasn’t much that was super interesting!!! Monday we just taught a low key lesson to Montserat a recent convert who I am pretty sure is crushing on Elder Hansen hardcore!

Tuesday we went all the way up to San Miguel Xicalco, like the edge of our area and we helped an hermana move, and it was awful because she was just moving down the street so we were all she had for help and her new house has a super steep front lawn that is really overgrown and it is just lawn so it was hard to get big heavy things up it! Elder Vielma was sick so instead of eating with an hermana we went over and cooked him up some hot dogs and just ate with them in their house! We had a lesson with a new investigator too who is the girlfriend of Jonaton who is a recent convert so it’s pretty cool to see him trying to help her out too!

Wednesday we had a menos activo 17 year old introduce us to his girlfriend also! Her name is Samantha and she has a ton of questions but is super excited to learn more about the church!

Thursday we had an awesome lesson with Irma and Alicia and we had talked a little bit about word of wisdom before but we actually taught the lesson that night and Alicia said, "Yeah, one time, my brother offered my coffee a couple days ago and I had to tell him no, we don’t drink coffee in my religion" Haha I guess we missed her baptism:) but it was super awesome to hear her say that!!!

Friday we had intercambios and I was with Elder Card from Orem Utah who only has one more change than me in the mission, and he is awesome!! We had a killer day, we taught people all day long, and at night we celebrated his 6 months with tacos al pastor y pan de canela y azucar!! Yum!! We had great unity in our lessons, and the spirit was so strong when we were together, I can’t wait to work with him again!!

Saturday we got to go help Monica move some more in the morning and it wasn’t any better haha I feel bad for her though, things are just really tough for her! Highlight of the day was lunch with the fam Alquicira Fuentes! They gave us BBQ babyback ribs!!!!!! What???? They were so good! Then they gave us their famous dessert of half of a cantaloupe with ice cream and cookies! It was a good end to a good week!!!

Love you all and miss you!!!
Elder Stout

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