Saturday, February 21, 2015

Boring Week!

Hey all!!!!

It seems like not that much happened in either of our weeks because those were the shortest emails I have gotten from every single one of you just about I think! Haha but not that much happened here either!

Monday came and went, the highlight was playing volleyball like always but really nothing else noteworthy happened.

Tuesday was a little bit frustrating because this week we were really trying for those 40 lessons! We had a bunch lined up for the morning but then like all of them fell through! And the weather was awful it was super rainy and it just like sucked!!!! Super depressing day! The only bright spot was that Azucena had her son and daughter in law with her again so we got to teach them, but they are barely ever there so they aren’t progressing as much as we would like!

Wednesday we had one of the best days that we have had yet!! We just like taught a bunch of really powerful short lessons and we ended the day with 10 which was the most we have ever had and it was so cool! We taught the bishops mom in the morning and it was one of the cooler lessons we have had, we hadn’t planned to teach her but we just saw her in the street, and went in to teach her, and we both just knew we had to teach her about the scriptures, and it was just a really cool lesson where the spirit was super strong!

Thursday we had an awesome lesson with Alicia and Irma where Alicia told us that she was going to serve a mission! Haha we were like whoa slow down, maybe you should get baptized first! We are really hoping that we can baptize her next week, but Irma still can’t go to church because of work and she hasn’t found another option yet so that was frustrating!

Friday was a really interesting day because my comp has a super bad ingrown toenail so the Hermana Valadez told us we had to go to the hospital so we went there and it was super nice!!! In a super nice part of town!! And the couches were so comfortable, we kept making jokes about our passports because it was like we were back in the states! The hospital was in between a PF Changs and a Nike outlet store! Haha but my comp might have to have surgery on his foot in two weeks! So I will keep you updated on that! Then we had intercambios and Elder Segovia came over to our area, he is a really good elder, he knows sooo much about the scriptures! But sometimes he tries to teach things that are way over people’s heads! haha we had a really memorable lesson in the night with the family Alquicira Fuentes where we taught about the temple using Mosiah 2 where everyone faces their tents to the temple to hear the King Benjamin! And the spirit was so strong and they just talked about how it is their goal to go back there and it was so cool to hear that! Then they gave us cupcakes!!!!

Saturday morning was like Tuesday except instead of rain it was cold! So bad, it was below freezing for my first time here!! We just had a bunch of appointments fall through which kind of sucked! But after we changed back later that day Elder Hansen and I had two great lessons where Esperanza a new investigator told us all she wanted us to teach her was how to prepare for her baptism and she wanted to move it from 21 of March to the 1st! haha Then we taught Marcelina a lesson, and she told us she is close to knowing that our church is true! All in all, we ended with 37 lessons this week, we almost got our 40!

Yesterday I gave a talk on love in sacrament meeting and the new elder in our ward (elder Kleinman, Elder Veilma left in special changes) talked too, and he has 20 months in the mission but everyone asked me if he was new because his Spanish isn’t very good! I felt bad but they all said mine was good and that it was a good talk! I went way over time though it was almost 20 minutes!!!

It was a good week all in all!!!

I love you all!
Elder Stout

Before you look below...beware...really ugly ingrown toenail...if you want to see it, continue by scrolling...


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