Thursday, January 14, 2016

Jan 12 - Bienvenido a Churubusco! (And Tuesday PDays)

Hey all!!

Well I have had an absolutely crazy week! We are just so busy all the time here with an awesome ward and all of the assignments that we have! First of all, I am going to be having a little less time to write:( because we are always going to be doing stuff for President and other missionaries and things like that, but I will do all I can to still respond to as many people as possible!

So first of all....I have never been happier in my entire mission!!! My companion is awesome! I love him! His name is Bryce Penrod, he’s from Pleasant Grove Utah, but is a recent convert to the church. He is 25 years old and has 20 months in the mission. He got baptized when he was 22! He is an incredible missionary, it is so nice for me to be a junior comp for the first time in such a long time because he is such an awesome missionary and I have already learned so much from him! We get along like super well!

Our ward as well is incredible! I love it! We have so many members who are willing to help us, and I have just felt so much love for every person that I have met here so far! I absolutely am in love with everything that we are doing here, I love my assignment I feel like I am helping so many missionaries, what a miracle is has been that every time I have met or been talking with one of the missionaries from my zone that I just feel this love for them and a desire to help them, I feel like I have started off so well building my relationship with every one of them! I am just so happy here, in the best area, best ward, best zone and with the best comp! It has been an incredible week. I feel so incredibly blessed by the Lord for all that he has given me.

We had a bunch of success finding people last week. First of all, a new returned missionary that got home the day I got here, took us around our area and just like introduced us to all of this friends which was super cool. One of them was a young man of like 20 years named Mauricio who I think is one of the Lords elect because since the first lesson he has completed every reading assignment we have given him because he is just looking to come unto the Lord. He told us that ever since he was a kid and has seen us on the street he has just had a super strong desire to take to us and now he finally has the chance. We also found a super cool family, the Olivares family. We just decided to contact the hermana in the street one day and then we went to talk with her and her family a couple days later. She, her husband, and their three daughters were just super receptive to the message of the gospel and we are hoping so much to help them again this week.

So to describe my area really fast before I have to go. Half of our ward is in a super rich area close to where President Mecham lives, and the other half is in delgation Iztapalapa, the ghetto of the city, and you guessed right, me and my comp work in the uglier half and the other missionaries from our ward work on the other side. But, I feel completely safe here, so many blessings this week from God!

Until next week,
Elder Stout

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