Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Jan 4 - Happy New Year

Hey all! So first of all, a note to all that starting next week my pday will be changing to Tuesdays for a change in assignment! Only the last week of every change will I have pdays on Mondays, that’s probably hard to remember...Haha but I will remind you guys for the week that I go back to Mondays!

Wow, so I can’t believe that I am heading out of Topilejo. All in all, it has been an incredibly hard area. I have learned how much difference it can truly make to have leaders who know what they are doing here because many times we have had to save the branch from some utter apostasy haha. But, I am going to miss more than anything the kindness of the people. Just everyone here is nice. Whether they be members or people who have never even heard of the church, it’s just incredible that you can pretty much talk with anyone!

The best thing to happen to me here in this area was to really see a huge improvement in the obedience of my district. We had a lot of difficulties in the beginning of my time here to truly try to be 100% obedient but after I searched through prayer and the scriptures I was able to find a way to motivate the missionaries to be who God wants them to be. I felt so good inside, a true manifestation of the Spirit to be able to help the work here in that way!

I am not going to lie, I am pretty worried about how it is all going to go because the two missionaries that have me worried, Elder B. and Elder B. are the two that are going to stay here because they are going to close one area and those two are going to work together, but I know the Lord knows what he is doing.

Finally, the biggest miracle that I was able to have here in the branch of Topilejo was the hermana Socorro that we found. From day one it was just a miracle, we just happened to run into here on the street and she was all like hey what took you guys so long to get here, so that was pretty cool. Then she was just so ready to accept the gospel and was truly one of the Lords elect that we were looking for. Even though her baptism went a little haywire as I have told y’all, but afterwards she just hit the ground running again and has been a super strong member, even helped us to find Salome her friend who should be the next person baptized here in Topilejo. Sad note on her that her health has declined a lot lately so please keep her in your prayers, I think that I will truly miss those two the most.
I have learned SO much here in Topilejo that I look forward to applying in my next area the ward Churubusco, for those who know Elder Duncan Hamilton, I was told last night by a family that it sounds like I am following him because when he left from here he went to that ward as well, so that’s pretty cool! My new comp is named Elder Penrod but I won’t meet him until tomorrow in the changes!

Wow, so I will have a lot to update next TUESDAY! I hope that you all have a great week, keep me in your prayers that I can do the best possible in my new area where I am going!

Elder Stout

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