Thursday, January 15, 2015

Happy Birthday Max!

Well first of all you better all be super nice to my Little cuate Max this week for his bday!!!! I wish I could spend it with yall!!!!

So we had an incredible week this week, we are seeing the hand of the savior in literally every step of the work, it is so awesome! Tuesday we had like one of our best days yet, so in the afternoon all of our appointments fell through and so we were like well what do we do now, but then we got the prompting to visit a reference that we had received a while ago that lives close and she is pretty interested her name is Irma, but her daughter Alicia is so interested, like she is so ready for the gospel it is so awesome!!! Then we went to the GasparLino house and we taught the parents for the first time which was awesome because after this coming Saturday every kid will be a member, but I testified of having eternal families and how that is the reason I am on my mission and how I know that was restored by Joseph Smith and the spirit just exploded in the room! All of the kids were crying, I am really hoping we can get them all to be an eternal family together! Wednesday was another awesome day where we taught Ana and Andre GasparLino but then in the night we had an appointment with a menos activo named Roberto and he just like opened up to us and told us how 3 years ago he cam home from his mission early for disobedience and how he regrets that more tan anything and how he knows that he needs to change and then his wife made us an incredible lasagna so that was really really cool!!! then Thursday we had some more incredible lessons! With Armando (bishops son, menos activo) he was talking about how hard life is for him and Elder Hansen shared the scripture from the Bible about how Jesus almost didn't want to go through with all the suffering and then I shared the scripture to Joseph Smith from Liberty jail and Armando just broke down and told us that this was exactly what he needed and that every time he sees us he gets the strength to avoid temptation and all the bad in the world so that was pretty cool! Friday we had splits and I was with Elder Gamboa who is from Veracruz and it was my first time being in charge because he came to my area, and we taught every single person from the GasparLinos haha we spent all day there, and then we helped them clean up there house and cook which was super fun! Then Saturday morning Elder >Gamboa and I got to teach a  new investigator named Marcelina and she had a son who died so we talked about the plan of salvation and she says she knows that its true and wants to be baptized! So cool!!! Then Saturday night, we had like a family home evening in the GasparLino house and it was all taught by the Ward missionaries, and it was awesome we didn't have to do everything, and like every investigator we had was there, it was so cool!! Then yesterday was my comps birthday but he didn't want anyone to know so we didn't get like any special food or anything but we had a really weird experience last night where all the power from our entire town went out for like an hour, and it was just like super sketchy because it was dark everywhere, but we followed promptings and were all safe!!

I love you all, have a great week!!

Elder Stout!

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