Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy New Year!

Wow! 2015! It is really crzy that 2015 is already here can yall believe it?? What were your new years resolutions?? Mine is to be the best missionary that I possibly can in these next few months!! The new years eve dinner sounds awesome! i cant believe that I missed out on that! OUr new years eve was pretty good but nothing compared to that! We went over to the family Alquicira Fuentes and ate turkey, like really turkey it was so good!!! And just hung out for with them for a while because we could stay out until 10 on NYE! But we were still asleep by 1030 so we missed midnight too!! Haha we think that a better gift from our mission president would be letting us sleep in longer rather than having us stay out later!!! But who knows!

So last monday night we had an awesome family home evening with the Gaspar Lino family, and there family is just like all over the place because we had like 2 less actives there, 3 active members (2 of which are recent converts) and then 4 investigators (3 who were new) so that was really cool! But we were like in the mdidle of teaching na lesson when suddenly their neighbor who got home for her mission like that day just walked in so we just like slyly walked out hahaha but it was good for all that! Then Tuesday I had intercambios so I went across the Highway to San Pedro 2 to be with Elder Segovia who is from Ecuador ancd 26 years old but super awesome! He is also blind as a bat so he like holds his book like an inch from his face and tripped like every 20 seconds while we were walking! Haha but we had a really cool lesson with a family who really wants to get baptized and we were just fueled by the spirit the whole time it was so cool!! Then the next morning I ate carnitas for the first time here when their bishop got some from us, and they are usually really sketchy but sometimes if you find a good place they can be good because they literally just like chop up a whole pig and boil all of its parts together. But these were REALLY good!! Then the next day was just New Years Eve with the family Alquicira Fuentes and they are just so awesome, I hope you guys can be nice to the missionaries like Elder Pulini like they are to us! I was so glad to see the picture of him! Then New Years was just like Christmas in that it was an all day p day again so we like deep cleaned the house which was awesome and then ate pizza (They have a taco al pastor pizza down here!!) and then played volleyball all day! Friday was awful though because I got super sick I was just like in bed all day and throwing up and just felt so awful, all I wanted was mom or dad or someone to take care of me again! Bleh!!! But I got a preisthood blessing from our zone leader and within acouple of hours I was on the upswing! And even though I was still not feelign well I was able to go out proselyting on Saturday! We had a really good lesson with Maria de Jesus{s family but then none of them came to church so that was a bummer! But we had like 7 less actices that came to church this week so that was great!! Then so in the family GasparLino we hvae two baptismal dates and should have a third before the next time I email you! Ana is getting baptized on the 17th with her little sister Ana who is 9 years old, they are so awesome! (she drew th epicture of Elder Hansen and I) and then we are going to be meeting with the mom soon as well of the family! So we are having a lot of success here it is going awesome! Changes are in two weeks and everyone is saying that I am gonna go and I really dont want to, I am super scared to go!! But I know what ever is supposed to happen will!
I love you all, Happy New Year, only full year apart!

Elder Stout

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