Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Happy Birthday Mom

Hey everyone!!

I hope you all had great weeks!!! I really Don't have a lot to report to this week but I will try to fill you guys all in!!! Also, today is moms bday!!! So I hope you are all super nice to her for me, and that you can feel how much I love you mom!!!!!!!

So as I said this week was pretty slow, haha we have had a pretty exciting couple of weeks before this one so it was kind of nice to slow down for a little bit! So we focused on two things that our mission president told us to do! First of all he wants us teaching 40 lessons a week and everyone in our area teaches like 15 to 20 so we really stressed that and we got up to 30 this week are are hoping for 40 Second is he wants us visiting the recent converts a lot a lot a lot so of those 30 14 were with recent converts so that was pretty awesome!

So Monday literally nothing happened! No one was home after p day! Tuesday we spent a lot of time walking around in the morning but then we had some really good lessons with the Gasparlinos about reading the scriptures ans they all set different goals for how much they want to read and so far they are keeping them!!!

Then we taught an incredible lesson to Irma and Alicia that we had planned to be about the plan of salvation but then it turned into the Sabbath day and it turns out that Irma has work on Sunday but is going to ask her boss to change it so that she can come to church! So those were both awesome!

Then Wednesday we taught the most lessons of any day this week but one person didn't show up in the afternoon so we walked around for an hour and I don't know why but it just felt super long!! But we had a rougher day, we didn't get across all of the things in the lessons that we wanted to! Especially with Marcelina because she invited her sister and her sister just dominated the whole lesson!

Thursday we had intercambios again and I was over with Elder yerena in the other ward, he used to be a DL and he is an awesome guy! He put a lot of trust in me while we were over there and it felt awesome, also they have a great rep with the members over there which other missionaries in their ward haven't had in the past so I am really happy for him! So one of the pictures is of a goat haha and it is like a week old and we were talking to the owner about it and we all loved it and we were like wheres its mom, and then he directed us to the bones that we had on our plate haha so that was quite the experience!! Also the lightning McQueen shampoo...haha we had a bet that if I stayed (because I thought I wouldn't) that I had to buy and use it, so at least I have had no tears this week!!!
Friday was another really uneventful day except that with Azucena she had her daughter in law there with her and so we got to start teaching her too and she is really interested! 

Then Saturday, the same thing happened!! Her son was there this time and we started teaching him too!! Really cool blessings for doing what President wants!!

Also on Saturday morning we helped Javier’s neighbor sort pencil sharpeners for her job haha and now she wants to listen to us, so that was kind of cool too!! We need to recognize things like this more in our lives!!!! But yesterday was kind of hard because no one was able to come to church and it was just really depressing but then Elder Hansen and I had like a pump up planning sesh and were going to make this week so good!!!! Well that's really it, I love and miss you all!!

Elder Stout

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