Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Hey all,

I was so glad to hear that the Seahawks are going to the Superbowl again!!! Woohoo!!! I am sooo excited!! I really wish i could have watched that game with all of you! It sounded so absolutely crazy!!!! But hey the is the first of only 2 Superbowls that I will miss! I did the math there will only be 23 more weeks of football that I will miss phew I can do this! I hope Max had a great bday, it sounded like you all had a great time with everything!!!

So this last week was a little less eventful! First of all we met everyday with Ana and Andrea to prepare them for their baptism so that took up a lot of our time! But on Tuesday in the night time we went to a menos activo guys house, Roberto Fernandez, and it turns out his wife's bday was Monday, and Elder Hansen's was Sunday so we ate cake with them which was super cool and nice of them!!! 

Then Tuesday we had a second lesson with Marcelina and we found out that her 20 year old son passed away just a few months ago so that is super hard for her! So we taught a really powerful lesson on the plan of salvation and we were almost in tears because we could just feel the spirit of the message so strongly! Wow, I really hope that we get to help her to do the things she needs to do to see her son again some day. 

The next day I was on intercambios with Elder Neyra in his area and it was really funny because we are from the same generation so we were both still in our training and it was like weird because we are both new! Also I may or may not have gotten hit by a car while I was with him haha oops *(the yellow ones dont stop here either) Hahaha but we taught some really good lessons on the Book of Mormon, and I really saw the spirit help me because I had no idea what wed be teaching! 

Then Friday we had the interviews with Ana and Andrea for their baptism and they went awesome! Then afterwards we had a lesson with them and challenged them to take the sacrament every week for the rest of their life, and they just had a great time! 

Saturday morning was kind of awful, we have a huge area, and we haven't been up to the top of the mountain in like 3 weeks so we went up there and literally just walked around for 3 hours because everyone wasn't home haha but we had some good bonding time. I love Elder Hansen! Then we had like the most awesome baptism in the entire world! I gave the talk on baptism and then our ward mission leader Ramiro took forever to change but while we were waiting for him all of the people could just feel the spirit so strongly! 

All of our investigators that were there, especially Alicia and Irma said they just felt hermosa which I don't know what the translation is but its awesome!! Then Andrea came up to us and said I feel something right here and pointed to her heart, wow so cool! Yesterday all that really happened was the relieving news that we will not be transferring this cambio! Wow, so excited we are both staying! We have been having so much success here and loving it, and wow so cool! I am so blessed to be in a great area with a great comp for another change!

Love you all,

Elder Stout

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