Thursday, March 19, 2015

6 months!!!!

Wow! 6 months down, can you all believe it??? I for sure can’t!!

So this week flew by! Wow I don’t even know what we did on what day or anything but I will try! So Monday we taught the niece of the bishop Carina and her husband Felipe and they are really nice, but they aren't married and have trouble going to church, so that’s going to be the hard thing with them!

Tuesday nothing really spectacular happened except that we are starting to really get the trust of the bishop and the other ward leaders because we went to his house that night and we taught him a lesson and he gave us like a big long list of people he wants us to visit so we are doing all we can to go and visit those people for him!

Wednesday I am not going to lie, I got a little upset in a lesson, I really hope it was the spirit, but I kind of scolded Irma Garcia...She was talking about all the blessings that they’ve had in their house because of Alicia’s baptism so I just like came out and was like you do know that she can bring blessings in for you, but she will never be able to replace your own saving ordinances and she just got really quiet but I hope she got the point! But on the high note, they got a pet hedgehog so that was fun to play with!!

Thursday I got to see a really cool side of my comp, he was made to talk with inactive members of the church, we went to this house and he was just like hey how are you doing and he invited himself in and stuff but then he was super friendly so they didn't get mad haha I could never be that assertive but it worked with these two women named Elouisa and Alejandra and we just taught about eternal families and they want them so they said they would come to church! So

Friday we did service for the first time for the hermana Guadalupe, and I guess it worked because she came to church too! She is an investigator who has been for like forever because she never goes to church, but she came! But she fed us tacos after and they were really sketchy like we were pulling out bones and stuff from that afternoon I got really sick and we had to be in the house for the afternoon! But when we went back out because I didn’t feel awful anymore we had the random impression to go to the Relief Society President’s house and teach her about Christ and she said she had been praying for angels and that she couldn’t believed that we had just showed up, so that was a really cool experience!
Saturday we had a really cool experience where we were walking to the GasparLinos when a car randomly pulled up beside us and there was a woman crying and just said that she needed to talk about God, so we went to her house and we taught her, and besides the fact that she doesn't believe in religion just God, it was really good. Her name is Georgina, but she thinks she is going to get an answer to her prayer, so that is awesome, because that means that she will come to know it’s all true! Then in the afternoon, we did divisions for the first time, and I went with Daniel Chavez who is a returned missionary from the ward, and he is awesome, super funny!!! We taught a bunch of really awesome lessons and then we went to a noche misional in the night and it was super spiritual about the Book of Mormon!!

Yesterday was pretty awesome as well! We randomly decided to visit a house of a member last night where I had never been and we found out that living in their same complex were about 25 inactive members, so we got to know a ton of people and we gave out 4 different blessings in the space of an hour! Wow it was great! Well I hope you all are doing great, and just remember for every email so far, there will only be 3 more!! haha!

Elder Stout

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