Sunday, April 5, 2015

6 Months, really this time!

Wow! I am officially 6 months in! Can y'all believe it? That’s like over a quarter of the mission! It flew by super fast!! This week too, I am starting to have a really hard time remembering what to write on Mondays because so much has been happening!! But it all blends together like mom says!!

So Monday after P day we went over to Alquicira lane and we were trying to teach a ton of them because we didn't have our district meeting this week but no one was home! Like almost no one! The only family was Armando and Nancy (included picture) So we did an fhe with them and taught about the importance of family! It was a really awesome lesson!!

Tuesday we had another zone conference! We are having them a lot, like every 3rd week but they are awesome! Then we had intercambios and Elder Segovia from Ecuador who is our new district leader came over with me, and he taught me a bunch of really cool lessons! But, he also likes to talk a lot in the lessons so a bunch of our lessons fell through because we were still in other ones! Sad thing happened too, the Tapia Santiago family told us they don’t want to pray about our message because they don’t want to receive an answer because they are comfortable in their church right now so that was kind of hard to hear! But we gave them their option!

Then Wednesday we had our first lesson with a Hermana named Citlalli and it went really well! She was one of the people that we contacted in the street and she is super interested as well as her 12 year old son! We tossed around a football for like 5 minutes and was amazed that I can actually throw because he said that no one here can play sports with their hands hahaha that was funny. We also had a cool experience because her 19 year son just wanted to fight with us, he was just asking super dumb questions to try and confuse us, but we saw the scripture fulfilled that said we will not be confounded because we were able to answer every one of his questions and by the end the 15 year old other brother said just stop you are contradicting yourself and we all know that they are right, not you! Haha it was awesome!!
Thursday we had a lesson with Guadalupe who came to church again this week and we were planning on inviting her to baptism again but definitely the opposition did not want us to because there has literally never been more chaos in the entire world! Every 15 seconds and I am not joking 15 seconds something happened to chase the spirit away, it was the worst lesson I have had in the entire mission, and we literally accomplished nothing in the lesson!

Friday we visited a lot of people like Ana, and Roberto, but we had a super cool lesson with the President of the Primary, la Hermana Taide who just returned from her mission in the temple of Veracruz! We learned a lot from her so that was really cool!

Saturday we did divisions with our ward mission leader Ramiro and his brother so that we could hit 40 lessons again! We ended with 12 lessons in the day and 42 for the week! It was awesome!!! And we saw the blessing right away because Sunday morning the Hermana Taide told us that someone just moved in next door to her and she wants to get baptized, and she came to church and everything! Her name is Abril! That was a super cool blessing that we received!!

Then last night we had a cool fhe with Taides whole extended family and we shared the family a proclamation to the world and it was just super awesome! Hope your weeks were good as well!

Elder Stout

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