Monday, April 6, 2015

General Confernce

Hey everybody!

First of all, thanks for all of your support with the passing away of Brother Newton back home, I am going to miss him a ton, but thanks especially Mom for talking about how I have a guardian angel with me now!  I got a lot of help this week from general conference especially with this, and I hope that you all did too!!

So I don’t have a ton of time, but on Monday this week we did a contacting spree in the nighttime because all of our citas fell through and it was really good because this is the thing that I need to work on!!

Tuesday we went to our interviews with president and he helped me set some really awesome goals that I can share later on if you guys want! Or I don’t know if that’s like boring? Haha

Wednesday we spent pretty much the whole day in the subway or on buses because we went to go to the offices for a training on family history. Well I pretty much ended up giving the class because of everything that I learned from dad haha also thanks for filling up the tree so I have like no work to do!!!

Thursday we had a cool experience where we were walking down a dirt road up in San Andres and a guy was just like hey you guys teach about Christ right and so we contacted him and he invited us in to like a birthday party for his 13 year old I feel so bad, they gave us cake and then asked us questions for like 2 hours, and completely ignored the kid! Haha but then his aunt also came to general conference this week so that was really awesome!!

Friday we had a cool lesson with a new investigator named Francisco which was a lot like that lesson where he just had questions for like a super long time!!!!!!! But he is really excited!!!

Then we had general conference! It was awesome, they had a room set up for all of us white guys so that we could watch conference it English! It was awesome, I wasn't expecting that at all!! But Saturday in the morning was by far my favorite session!  I loved Boyd k Packers talk and also the talk by Dalin H Oaks (my scripture this week is that you can all listen to this talk and Elder Wilford W. Anderson's talk)! In the afternoon I loved Elder Andersons talk and Elder Renlund as well!! They were really cool messages and then the in priesthood session I really like Elder ballard and Elder Uchtdorf’s talks!! Sunday, how cool is it about Haiti?? That’s all because of dad hahaha then in between the sessions we were watching like the church news and they talked a ton about discovery centers and somebody from dad’s team was on there I think!!

I really liked Elder Holland and Elder Pearson on Sunday!!! Wow, can’t believe we have to wait 6 more months! I hope you all have a great week!!

Elder Stout!

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