Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Out of San Pedro

So First of all I apologize because this is going to be a short email because I have a lot I have to do today! So I got some heartbreaking news last night that after almost 6 months in San Pedro I will be having cambios tomorrow! I can’t believe it! I have no idea where I will be going yet, who I will be with or anything but I am leaving. Wow, I honestly can’t believe it, I never thought I would leave and it is so weird to be not here!

So pretty much the majority of the week was saying goodbye to people! We got invited to eat with like a ton of families because well when someone has been in an area for 6 months they usually leave! So that was the highlight of the week! Haha

So really fast, Tuesday we visited the family Herrera again and they have complete reactivated it was super cool to see how fast they went back to church!

Wednesday we had a lesson with a menos activo and during the lesson a rat ran through the house so we got to kill it so that was kind of cool!

Thursday I had intercambios with Elder Perez who is from Hidalgo which is like just outside of our mission boundaries, and he is really...interesting! But we walked a ton, because no one was home because this week was a national vacation!

Friday the other elders had a baptism and Citlalli and Estefano came and it was awesome, they learned a ton, and right now the mom is struggling because she doesn’t know if she can live up to the commitment of baptism so that is a really good problem to have because she wants to!

Saturday we had an awesome parting dinner with Irma and Alicia, we all started bawling, it was really hard to say goodbye to them!

Then yesterday, we had like 15 menos activos in the church, that was awesome! Then we went and said goodbye to the family GasparLino and they all gave me awesome little gifts which was cool, and then we said goodbye to the family Cruz Alquicira, and they started crying too! It is going to be really hard to leave this area! But I am excited too!!

I hope all is well with y’all!!

Elder Stout

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