Sunday, April 26, 2015

Bienvenidos a Iztapalapa!

Hola!! Well I really don’t have much time today because I have a training for new district leaders on my pday! How awful is that! But I will try to include as much as possible, actually it’s probably better because I still don’t know many people here!

Well my new ward is Olivos, and we are in the stake of Iztapalapa which is known for being a lot sketchier than anywhere else in the mission, especially for us gringos, so just to apologize from the beginning, I don’t know how many pictures I will take and be sending in this area! I am sorry!!

So to start off, Monday we went to ALq Fuentes to say goodbye to them which was hard, it was my last goodbye and one of the hardest too!

Tuesday were the changes, my new comp is Elder Almeida who is from Chile and Uruguay, he still hasn't explained how that works! He is like a freaking super model or something, everyday a bunch of girls yell at us and actually he looks exactly like a singer. Abraham Mateo, you should look it up! But, he is really calm and doesn't talk much, he has one more cambio in the mission than I do, and wow, I forgot how hard it is to learn an area! Bleh!! So our area is pretty huge! But it is all flat so that is super nice after San Pedro hahaha. In Sundays this ward is smaller then up there, but there are way more member they are just all less active here!
We are working with one family that is awesome the Dominguez family that only have been investigating the church for like 2 weeks but are already introducing us to all of their friends, super cool! They are progressing awesomely!!!

So yeah, that’s Olivos! Sorry again for the short email but I have to go to my training!

Love y’all!

Elder Stout

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