Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Happy Birthday Dad and Grandpas!

Well first of all a big happy birthday to Dad, and my grandpas this week! I hope that you all celebrate your days and have a great time!

So this week I learned the difference between areas here in the mission. I love something that dad said that some are Spirit Paradise and some are spirit prison. We literally walked around the entire week this week without teaching practically anyone! Like almost zippo, and we didn't even get like scolded by the ZLs because they know how hard this area was, so that was really hope inspiring especially since I am probably going to be here for a while!

So I guess everyone also forgot to tell me about the hot season before the rainy season because I have been dying this week! It has been like an oven! Which made walking around even worse! Bleh!!

The two bright spots this week were the family Dominguez, and the family Chaparo. The Dominguez are all progressing a lot and already love the gospel which has been awesome, but they have a ton of questions every lesson so we aren’t moving through the lessons in the way that we would like. But they introduced us to the Chaparo family and wow, they have a ton of people living in there house! We went on Tuesday and there were 9 of them, and then we went again yesterday and there were 7 new ones! And apparently we are still missing at least 7! Wow! But they are awesome, we gave like half of them blessings and we dedicated their house and the two lessons were both just super spiritual and they are just super excited to keep learning and to talk with us!!
Wow, that’s pretty much all that happened this week, I didn't do a day by day this week because we literally had days where nothing that happened, I am hoping more will happen in the weeks to come!

Oh we had a baptism, kind of. It was a ward baptism but Elder Almeida baptized her so that was cool, but we wasted a lot of time organizing it even though it wasn't

our baptism! I had intercambios with Elder Lovo this week from Honduras, he is awesome!!

Hope y’all had a better week than me!!

Elder Stout

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