Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Happy 5 de Mayo


So first of all 5 de mayo is an American invention! Haha it’s a holiday down here too, but like not big at all, it’s like Memorial Day or Veteran’s Day or something in the states that’s not huge! So don’t have to worry about me!

So this week went really well but still not as much going on as in San Pedro! So Monday we ate pizza as a district here because the families don’t feed us on p-days which is kind of lame! Then I taught my first district meeting in the evening, and it went super awesome! I taught about how when we ask for references from the members that we need to have more faith in the way that we ask, and we need to know that the Lord is preparing them so I stressed that, and it was super successful!

Then Tuesday the highlight was that we spent most of the day doing service for a family that this last week went to the Verzcruz temple to be sealed, so that was a cool opportunity to help them! They are the Incisco Rodriguez family!

Wednesday I had intercambios with the Zone Leader Elder Alamilla, I was in charge of our area for the first time in intercambios and it was pretty frightening! But I got us through all of it, and we taught a bunch of lesson which was awesome! He is super awesome, and really helped me see how we can help the members of our district as a district leader!

Thursday was intercambios part 2! Elder Bernal came over to my area and he is about to finish up his mission, he has 22 months! Wow, he knows a ton! So I focused my training with him on helping those other missionaries learn the things that he has learned in 22 months and focusing on his legacy in the mission! We set a lot of goals this week to help them start to teach more lessons!

Friday we hit the Iztapalapa curse! In my old zone, an appointment that was set, was set. Here there is still about a 50% chance that these people won’t be in their house, and wow was that true Friday! We spent a good amount of time walking around, but it was all in good fun! Or something like that! My blisters might disagree but oh well!

Saturday, baptism!! We baptized a little girl named Kitzia, her and her mom have been investigating but her mom can’t get baptized right now because she can’t get married but is living with her boyfriend. But, president gave us permission to baptize her! Wow, it was awesome, Elder Almeida did the ordinance, and it was super cool!

Then Sunday she asked me to stand in the circle with the bishopric when she got the Holy Ghost! That was super cool! I taught the Gospel Principles class this week in church and that is way harder than teaching a lesson, wow, there’s is always room to improve! Then for the first time I had to have kind of a scolding talk with my district because two of them skipped priesthood class, and I just told them, we are here to support the ward, that’s not supporting the ward, and if we act like this we aren’t going to gain their trust or receive their help, so I hope that helped them see the why of the rule not just the rule!

So to give a rundown of investigators:
We have Jennifer the mom of Kitzia.

Mauricio Trueba, he’s married to an inactive sister, but he is super interested and has a baptismal date and everything but is prideful and doesn’t believe in we will see!

Rafeal, Minerva and Jahreli Dominguez. They are AWESOME!"!!! They are progressing so fast! The only thing is (I won’t go into full detail right now) they are going to have to jump through some hoops to get baptized because of some things in their past that are hard to repent of, but they are so awesome and I know they can do it!

Lastly we have the Chaparo family who we have come to know over the last 3 weeks. There are 23 of them! Wow! It is super hard to teach them because there are always different ones that are in the lessons, and then it’s like teaching a class, but we will find a way!

Hope you all have a great week, say “hi” to your moms for me!

Elder Stout

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