Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy Memorial Day!


So I don’t have a ton of time today, I am sorry! But, I will write you a little bit about the pictures!

So the picture of all of us in the district is the random stuff we found doing our P day cleaning today in the house of the other elders haha. We had to clean super well because they are going to white wash the other area! Which means of 4 elders in our ward/district I will be the only one who is even acquainted with the area. Yippee!!

Haha I also did intercambios with Elder Lovo this week, and a crazy old guy gave him a briefcase.

I got super super sick this week bleh!  I have an intestinal infection, but with a bunch of meds I feel better now! But it was good because the day that I was stuck in the house it rained A TON our street turned into a river, so in between trips to the bathroom I made a little paper boat and we dropped it out the window haha.

Then we had a cool stake activity Saturday where we went on splits with a Priest from the stake and here is my comp, Hermano Lopez. He was awesome! But it was so funny he wanted to teach the whole lesson by himself and he finished in like 5 mins and the family was like what? But I learned that my area isn’t as ugly as I thought because we were working more for the center of the city and wow, there was a lot of ugly things going on!

So have a great week, I will write more next week I promise, I love you all!!

Elder Stout

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