Thursday, September 17, 2015

June 1, 2015 - Mi Hijo!!!!!

Hey all!!!

Well the big news today is that I have my first hijo in the mission!! That’s the other thing that we call greenies down here! Haha he is awesome! His name is Elder Hilario he is from Northern Argentina. He is 21 years old and has served as a ward mission leader for the last couple of years so he doesn’t need a bunch of training, but it has been so fun to be with him and I have already learned a ton! I am so humbled for the trust that the Lord has given me to trust me with this special experience.

So Monday we did a lot of saying goodbye to families from the ward, we ate like 3 different times in our P day which was good, but I need to go on a diet I think haha, that night after our district meeting we went to the setting apart for one of the hermanas in the ward Melissa Enciso who is from one of our favorite families in the ward, she left for the Querretero? Mission on Tuesday!

Tuesday we spent most of the day with cambios and I got rushed into a training and I thought I had done something wrong because there was only one other Elder there and the assistants said President will be here in just a second, so I was pretty scared. Then he walked in and he is like congratulations you will be training our two newest missionaries, I was still scared, just in a different way! Haha but President gave a great training on the importance we have and the things we need to do to help the new missionaries, and why the Lord has trusted us with this. After a super long training I met up with Elder Hilario and we were off to Olivos again. We got here to meet the two new elders that whitewashed my district, Elder Walker (Idaho) and Elder Vasquez(Ecuador) Elder Vasquez is actually the papa of Elder Lovo who just left! They are awesome guys!

Wednesday came and went haha it was an interesting day teaching about 90% of the lessons because my comp is new but I am still thankful that he knows Spanish so that I am not teaching 100% of the lessons.

Thursday was a really hard day, literally no one was home we walked around for like 6 hours straight without finding one person to teach, in the rain, bleh, I feel bad for my comp, he is going to think we have days like that all the time!

Friday, we put a goal to contact more people in the street, and we saw a lot of success with it, in the evening we both felt prompted to contact a few families and for the first time in my life I saw consecutive families accept a contact!!

Saturday we had an awesome day that was spent teaching lessons the whole time! Woohoo!! I love doing that, haha! One of the cooler lessons was with the family Chaparro who kind of vanished from our radar for a little bit, but they told us they feel closer and closer to the church and they think they are going to make a decision soon!

Then Sunday, Gus Chaparro game to church for the first time, I was so excited!! He is so awesome, he just gives me the biggest hug every time he sees me and thanks me a ton, I can’t wait until he decides to get baptized! I also gave a talk where I kind of scolded the ward a little bit by talking about how the missionaries are here to support the efforts of the ward, but that we are going to leave after just a little bit, so it cant be all us. I challenged them to really think of these people as their converts, their investigators and their members and take charge. I think it was what they needed to hear, so I think its alright that I was a little hard!!

Well, I hope all is well
Elder Stout

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