Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sept 28 - Welcome to Disneylejos!!

Hey all!

Well to start off the big news is that Elder Andablo is going home Wednesday! So tomorrow I will have a new companion! I am excited for the opportunity to stay in Topilejo for another change but I honestly cannot believe that i have already been here one change!! It’s crazy!

So there’s not too much to report this week because sadly in his last week Elder Andablo got pretty sick so we didn’t have much of an opportunity to work. But there were two cool Mexican adventures this week worthy of an email note! First of all, this last week started the Topilejo Festival, that goes for almost 3 weeks! Its like a bunch of live bands and carnival games in the streets all day every day! We call it Disneylejos because there are ALWAYS fireworks going off, a bunch of people screaming, and you can take free pictures with Mickey Mouse (that’s actually just what a drunk guy told us his name was, but I think it almost counts)! Haha but we have been keeping super safe, don’t worry. We have had to come back to the house early almost every day this last week, and probably will have to continue doing so next week too, it’s hard to not be working, but I know the Lord wants his servants safe, so it’s alright.

Also, we went to the coolest little town the other day! We had to go to the dentist so that Elder Andablo could get some work done before heading home, and we headed to a little town that’s like built on top of a lake, it’s like a really run down version of Venice! Haha it’s called Xochimilco! I hope that at some point of my mission I get to go over to this area, because it was just a super cute little town! It reminded me a lot of Jackson Hole, and I literally fell in love with it at first glance!

So that’s pretty much all that happened this week, I know a pretty lame week! I will have a lot more to write next week because I will have a new comp and we are going to hit the ground running with him as soon as we get back up to Topi!!

Love and miss you all, hope you have a great week!!

Elder Stout

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