Friday, September 25, 2015

Aug 3 - August!

Howdy all!

Well I can’t believe that its August, how weird is that??

Well, we had a pretty incredible week! But for some reason it’s getting harder and harder every week to remember what happens! I feel like Mom who always writes me and says well Thursday happens but that’s all I remember haha.

But the coolest thing that I got to do this week was go on intercambios with Elder Alamilla our zone leader! He’s about to go home and he is a little bit trunky but he is a really good missionary and a super hard worker! I don’t want this to sound bad, but I loved being able to teach with an experienced teacher! Because my comp is new I still sometimes feel like I am teaching the majority of the lesson and I am doing all the direction, but with Elder Alamilla we could really feel the spirit moving through us and we taught some pretty crazy awesome lessons together! He is also a basketball fanatic so we got up super early in the morning to go run to the church and shoot some hoops for a little while, it was absolutely awesome! I cannot express enough how much I love being a missionary!

Also, this week we had a cool experience with Leonardo the guy who came to church last week when we didn’t expect he would! Well last week he got kind of mad because the teacher was trying to make an interesting class and he was all like, the word of God isn’t a joke and stormed out, I left that part out last week haha but then this week he just walks in, alone! We didn’t think he would want to come again so we didn’t even ask anyone to pass by for him and he just shows up. Then we met up with him after church and we put a baptismal date and everything, there are still some things that he doesn’t like, but we talk the scripture that Moroni wrote about how the mistakes are of men and not of God and he loved it!

Saturday we had an Elders Quorum activity and was...the only word I can think to use is apostasy! Our President starting talking about how he want to pass a hat around the Elders Quorum to collect money for people who need it and we were like the church already has a way to do that, and he just got like super we have a pretty interesting Elders Quorum!

Well I am running out of time! Until next week,

Elder Stout


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