Sunday, September 20, 2015

June 15 - Walking


I hope you all had a good week, my week is summed up by the subject line. I feel like all we did was walk all week long, it was a super long and hard week bleh! 

Monday there was nothing really to report!

Tuesday we had a zone conference, and they absolutely ripped us a new one! So there is a rule that says that we can’t visit people of the opposite sex unless there is a man home as well and I guess like a year ago to help his zone have better numbers a zone leader said that if we left the door open to the street it was okay, but since he was a zone leader a ton of people started doing it, and well it became the norm of the mission, but well this week, President just talked to us about how that is not the rule and how we need to be better and more obedient. And it is hard, our ward has like no priesthood, and we live in a poor area so all the men are working all day long, so that is the main reason that we were walking all week because we got to a house and it was hermana is there a man here? No. Oh, well we can’t enter. Not even with the door open like always? No actually hermana from now on we can’t do that anymore. Bleh and all the hermanas got super mad about that! Yikes! SO that sums up Tuesday haha, and well pretty much the week!

Wednesday we had a cool experience where we ate with the hermana that cuts our hair and we entered her barbershop and there was a man just sitting there so we assumed he was waiting to get a haircut so we just started talking to him and we found out that his mom had just passed away and that he was really upset with what their preacher had said about where she is and so he came to talk with the hermana about her beliefs. So we jumped on the opportunity to tell him where his mom is and that she is waiting for him to accept the gospel so they can be together again through the Plan of Salvation. It was an awesome lesson! He accepted baptism and everything, his name is Ramiro, and I know the Lord was blessing us for our obedience to the rules of the mission.

The name of Thursday would be walking! We walked around the whole afternoon bleh! I am not kidding!

You guessed it Friday was exactly the same, we taught a couple quick lessons in the morning before eating but then the whole afternoon it was just walking and walking and more walking.

Then Saturday......more walking hahaha it was awful, it felt like one of the longer weeks of my mission, we were barely teaching at all the last couple days, and all I want to do as a missionary is teach! But it was really tough! Friday and Saturday we started counting and we visited 42 houses of people that couldn’t recieve us, yikes! Haha but we used that as motivation to examine the old investigators and the records of less actives that we have to look for more people that can recieve us, so we are hoping for a much better week this week!

Well my legs hurt, but besides that all is well here in Olivos!

Elder Stout

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