Tuesday, September 22, 2015

July 13 - Hey y'all!!!


So this was an awesome week!
First of all the big news, Rafa passed his interview and got baptized this Saturday! He asked me to do it which was really cool! I don’t know if you guys have noticed but this is my first male convert! I don’t know why it has worked out that way, but it’s just how it has! So I finally broke the running joke of our zone leaders that every time that I saw them they would always say (of course like the only phrase in English they know) Flirt to Convert. Hahaha I guess that they didn’t realize that all my converts have been like 40 but, finally I won’t have that nickname in the mission! Haha but it was a cool baptismal service! Apart from the fact that there were like 10 people there and that everyone showed up an hour late, it was super cool!

So one of the pictures that I sent was a super cool fruit that I ate this week! It’s called a Nanche, and it is like a huge grape inside of this spiky shell! But super yummy!

I also had intercambios this week with Elder Walker! Haha he is a redneck from Idaho who loves country music, and football just like me! We get along super well! I like intercambios with him a ton, except for after about 20 mins we somehow end up speaking English again....oops! But, he is finishing his mission super strong, and I am learning a ton from him!

A cool miracle that we saw this week! We occasionally visit an hermana named Eva, and she has a son who is inactive and has been for years and wants nothing to do with us or the church. But this week we found him in the street and we started to talk to him, and he was like hey why don’t you guys pass by so I can ask you some questions, so we set up an appointment with him and headed on over. When we got there he introduced us to his nonmember wife, and we taught a super powerful lesson about families. The spirit was so strong! He told us, I still don’t understand a lot, but I want what you just taught us, and his wife accepted baptism! It was super cool!

I forgot my planner today that’s why I didn’t give a day by day run down, but I think I outlined the highlights, hope you all had a great week!

Elder Stout

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