Sunday, September 27, 2015

Aug 24 - TOPILEJO!!!!

Wow, so the big news of the week is that we had changes.

I am now in the Topilejo branch of the Tlalpan stake, its literally right up the hill from San Pedro where I started the mission, and so I see a ton of people that I knew there and there are a ton of family members, so it’s really weird seeing all of these people! But wow, it is so different to be in a branch! Our area is freaking HUGE! And there’s like no body, it’s actually really tough, we are barely even in the City anymore, when we reach the edge of our area it’s the mission of Cuernevaca. It’s been a really different experience thus far. But, the views are absolutely awesome! That’s the cool thing so far, but I am going to be learning a lot here, I don’t have a lot to say about the people that we are teaching up to right now because well, first of all we don’t really have any and second, those that we do have, I don’t really know still.

So my new comp is Elder Andablo from Tamulipas, Mexico. he’s my first Mexican comp which is pretty cool! He has 23 months in the mission, so I will have a new comp this change because he’s going home, but this change like the majority of the mission is going home, 34 people of the 180 that we have! In my district there is also Elder Chavez and Elder Bautista, both Mexicans too. The thing with them is that they closed Topilejo 2 for 2 changes so they are opening a huge area right now and it has been super tough for them, I feel really bad because there’s not even maps for our area because we are just out here in the country but little by little they are getting by.

Well with all the things I have had to do with changes that’s really all I have to say this week, but I love and miss you all!

Elder Stout

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