Friday, September 18, 2015

June 8 - Thanks!

Hey everyone! 

So first of all a huge thank you for the package! That was such an awesome surprise! I have already eaten like all of the cookies....haha but I rationalized that they were probably going to be the first thing to go bad, right?.. hahaha but I absolutely loved it! I loved the notes, I absolutely loved the guy from Max I literally died laughing, and Max you can ask my comp, I yelled “For Narnia” when I read the thing hahahahaha that was so funny! But I love everything you sent me! My comp loves American sweets so that’s awesome, and the books are super duper cool, thanks dad!! I can’t express how cool it was to get something from you guys! I love and miss you guys!

Well this week, the highlight of Monday was our district meeting, it was super cool, I taught about how we can be a part of the ward better, how we can really make a difference in the ward council and work with these people that have been called to be leaders of the ward, and we had a great discussion, and we all left super excited to go out and work, which is an awesome feeling to have after giving a district meeting.

Then Tuesday, we had one of the worst lessons that I have had in my entire mission, I feel so bad that for my comp it happened in his first week haha that would be awful! It was a reference from some members, and the hermana is named the Señora Chona and we went and she literally talked for an hour and a half without letting us have one word so we literally started with a prayer she talked for an hour and a half and then we prayed again. It was so boring and awful! Bleh I was so frustrated and angry when we left, because I have found that I have really come to love teaching and helping people come unto Christ, like I just want to be teaching more than any other thing, I just enjoy teaching, helping people and feeling the guidance of the spirit!

Wednesday we had a lesson with the family Dominguez again and it is starting to get frustrating with them because when we teach them they are like super excited but I guess when Sunday morning rolls around they must lose that excitement because they just never can quite make it to church, bleh that’s the worst! The people here all have a super Catholic background, and well the majority of the Catholics here call themselves believers, which means they don’t go to church, so trying to get people to come to church is hard, because it’s just not a part of their culture here!

Thursday we found a new investigator which was really cool! He is named Edwin and he has like 14 or 15 years! Wow that is not how we say that in English, but oh well! Haha and his mom is less active, but he is super excited and wants to learn more about Christ! Then that night we got a scary call that I had an interview with President; that is almost never a good thing.

So, I started freaking out until we got there Friday morning and he called me into his office, and it was my interview for my temple recommend that I lost, haha phew, that was a huge relief! But, I got to see Elder Lovo, Elder Almeida, and Elder Hansen there too! Elder Hansen and Elder Lovo are comps now, what a small world!

Then Saturday we had a really weird lesson with a lady who we contacted. She called us Friday night and was like you need to meet me in front of your church in the morning, so we were like ummmm okay. Then we went and she wanted us to like go and cast a devil or an evil spirit or something from her friend, but her friend wasn’t home, so I guess we will never see what was on the other side of that door haha, but then afterward we just talked with her, and it was a weird talk because it was just answering her REALLY weird questions about the church, but she told us she will give us a ton of people to teach that need God, so at least that came of it!

Then yesterday, like no one came to church because it was the elections! So not much to report, well I hope you all had a great week!

Elder Stout

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