Saturday, September 26, 2015

Aug 17 - Hasta Luego Olivos, 11 months and Mexico City Temple

Wow, so this was an action packed week!!

We pretty much spent the whole week figuring out how we were going to the temple because we knew it would be such a great experience for all of the people that we are teaching. And literally every obstacle got put in the way, and last week I asked my family to pray that we would have the chance to go and I am sure that you guys did it because everything just worked out.

First of all, we had absolutely no support from the ward, like nothing. It was really disappointing to see that, they didn’t want to have anything to do with it and they said they didn’t understand why we all wanted to go together and they think it would have been better for just individuals to go together, even after we received a letter from the area presidency of Mexico saying otherwise. So, we did literally everything for this trip, it sucked up a lot of time from our week, calling everyone, arranging everything, but somehow we managed to get it done, until we got to Thursday night before going and realized that we were going to have to pay for our bus, we literally went pale the 4 of us when we realized because we don’t get much money monthly. But then one of the people that we invited (he is awesome, super active, and super spiritual but I wont say his name) called us up and asked us how much the trip was going to cost, we said 1500 pesos which to give a rough estimate, is only 100 dollars, but it goes a lot farther in Mexico, that’s more than we receive to live every month, and he was just like, don’t worry about it, I will pay it. We tried to say no no no but he wouldn’t take no for an answer and that was a super cool blessing to see.
We ended up going with a group of 30 people with a ton of investigators and even some people that hadn’t started to talk to us yet, and during our tour of the temple there was just an incredible spirit that penetrated every single one of us, it was a testimony building experience to be able to go back to the temple after 10 months.

The coolest was the reactions of the children who came. We had two teen aged boys, probably like 8th grade and Sophomore age, that we could tell right from the beginning that they only came because their mom wanted them to, they weren’t excited at all. But, after the actual tour inside of the temple, something changed and when we left, they started to take pictures of the temple and post them to Facebook and Instagram and one of them even said to his mom I think that I am going to be Mormon.

Also, Jenifer one of our investigators brought her two daughters, Kitzia who’s 10 and got baptized back when I just got here and Victoria who is 1. It was so cool to see the peace that they both felt and how the spirit worked within them. Victoria started to cry when we left the temple, and Kitzia asked me what she has to do to be able to go back to the temple, I am so happy that the Lord has given us this opportunity to bring blessings into the lives of these people.

The other big news from this week was that last night we received the call that I will not be spending more time in Olivos, that tomorrow I will go to another area. I am really happy with all that I have learned here and all of the blessings that the Lord has poured out on me here, I will be very sad to leave all of the people behind that I have come to know and love but I am excited to embrace the challenge that the Lord has planned for me in my mission.

That’s all for this week,

Elder Stout

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