Monday, September 21, 2015

June 22 - 9 months???

Haha so my comp pointed out this week that he must have been born premature because I just barely hit the 9 month mark in my mission, he is such a goofball, he is hilarious!

But this week went really well!!! The big announcement is that Minerva the mom of the Dominguz family got baptized!! How cool!

So Monday was a pretty normal day except for at my district meeting the Zone Leaders came to evaluate me, so that was pretty nerve-wracking but I think I did a pretty good job, it’s getting easier and easier, and I am feeling more and more comfortable every week! Then afterwards we had a really cool Family Home Evening with a menos activo family about being the light of the world and being an example of the believers to the rest of the people, and I am really starting to develop my ability to teach kids!

Tuesday we did divisions for the first time with Elder Hilario, and I went with Nephi, he’s like 20 years old and super cool, and we taught some good lessons!

Wednesday we finally caught up with some of the recent converts from our area and got to teach them which is good because the majority of them are inactive and I don’t really blame them, but I will get to that on Sunday!

Thursday we had the fun opportunity to go to the offices again for like the 5000000 time because my comp needed his credit card, but then there were a ton of problems with it, so we were there for forever! It was awful, we lost almost a whole day of work!

Friday, I did intercambios for the first time with Elder Walker from Idaho! The dude is awesome!!! I loved working with him, and not going to lie, after 20 mins we were only speaking English, but our English is awful because we have both been with Latin comps for a while, but it was super fun, he’s ancient in the mission, he goes home in September so he had a lot of stories to tell, and he is just an awesome guy, he really knows how to work hard, and he is an example of the missionary that we should all be.

Saturday was the big baptism which is the start of my complaints about my ward. I know we should love the areas where we serve, and I promise that I do, I am just a little upset with the ward right now. No one came to the baptism. Literally no one! It was just her, one member of the bishopric and the three talks that we had assigned, she loved that those people had come which was awesome, but all of us missionaries were pretty upset to see the support of the members like this.

Then yesterday was the most boring day of church that I have seen, I don’t know what it was, but I honestly just felt bad for the investigators that came because it wasn’t very spiritually edifying. Any advice from people who have served in hard wards where missionary work isn’t a priority by any means? Thanks.

Then last night we had an awesome lesson with an investigator named Mario, he has been investigating for a year, but has never wanted it bad enough to get married to his girlfriend, but after last night, for the first time he set the goal to get married so he can get baptized, so it was a super spiritual lesson with him!

Well hope y’all had a great week! Love and miss you!

Elder Stout

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