Tuesday, September 22, 2015

July 6 - Happy July

Hey all!

I hope you had a great week! I am really sad that I wasn’t able to spend 4th of July with you all, it was kind of a letdown, Elder Walker and I both forgot that it was that day! But I made my comp sing the star spangled banner with me in the night time haha it was awesome, but I am pretty sure that he doesn’t like Americans but I am going to help him to love us! Don’t worry! Haha but this was a pretty chill week, not much happened, so I will give some highlights!

First of all we got to meet our new president, President Meacham! He is awesome! He is from a small town in Utah and he made doughnuts for his job. He served in Costa Rica....a really long time ago... He came home from his mission and met his wife and they got married even thought she was only 17! Haha and she knows even less Spanish than he does but she seems so nice! She just kept saying Les Amo Les Amo again and again while crying! He tried to do the whole training in Spanish even though he doesn’t really know it, and even though it was hard to understand we all felt the spirit so strong! I left with a renewed desire to divulge my time studying the scriptures and in fervent prayer, it was such a cool spiritual experience!
Then later on in the week, I actually got to spend some one on one time with President! I did a baptismal interview for Elder Walker and Elder Vasquez and I wasn’t sure if the Hermana was ready so I called President and he came and did the Special interview for her, so I got to spend some time talking to him, Elder Fillmore and Elder Hamilton (the assistants) which was fun. I also got to talk with President that night about one of our investigators who needs a special interview for serious sins committed in the past, and it is just so cool to see how much he already cares about us and our investigators!

Other highlight, for my first time here in Olivos, and Hermana gave us money to go out and eat instead of giving us food in her house, so we went to a Chinese restaurant that looked super sketchy but it was super good and no one got sick! I felt like we were eating at Yokos again! I included some pictures!

Then to explain one of the other pictures...I was on intercambios with Elder Vasquez and they had a baptism so we went to go and clean the font, and we got there and well there was something that was on the inside and it was just super-duper gross! Haha I had to include the picture, and guess where it came from? From the faucet! Don’t worry I only drink store bought water down here!!

Oh, also I almost forgot that cambios are tomorrow, but I don’t have to worry about anything because all 4 of us in the district are staying, and our zone leaders are staying too which is super awesome because they are awesome, and I have really grown to like them!
Well that was our week here in the DF, hope next week will be more interesting!

Elder Stout

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