Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sept 14 - Bday week and mission "hump day"

Wow, so this was a super packed week!

First of all, like I said, last Monday we headed to the center of the city and it was super cool! Awesome to see that there are actually some touristy things here in Mexico so maybe someday I will come back and visit it! We spent all day out there, it was super cool to see a bunch of old historical sites. I don’t know what most of them meant because we were just missionaries wandering around the center aimlessly. But, it was super cool! We even found an olive garden there to eat, so I didn’t even miss out on the bday tradition!

The cool thing that happened in the work this week was finding the Alvarez family. So me and my comp were walking one day and we ran into some drunk guys (way more common than it should be up here in Topi) but usually I don’t like to talk to drunk guys. My comp on the other hand loves it. So he literally starts like Southern Baptist preaching them, screaming at them to repent and quoting the bible and stuff, and I was just kind of saying oh boy to myself in my head. Until the next day we were walking by the same spot, and saw one of the dudes more sober. He told us that he really liked what he heard and wanted us to pass by. We passed by last Saturday, and we taught him, his 2 sons, and his daughter in law. They are super ready to receive the gospel and it was a super powerful lesson with them. They accepted baptism and everything and we are super excited to help them change their lives.

My birthday was awesome! My comp bought me a little cake in the morning and later on in the day two women from the branch both bought me a cake and so I was super stuffed that day! They sang me happy birthday in Spanish, which is a song really different, that I didn’t even know existed so it felt even weirder than the awkwardness of happy bday at home, and I even got to participate in the Mexican tradition of the mordita! That’s where you take a bite of the cake before anyone else, but you take the bite straight from the cake. haha, the only thing is that everyone else that’s there trying to take advantage of it to smash your face in, haha so that happened to me twice, but I guess i am more Mexican now! It was awesome!
The last thing from this week was the temple dedication. Saturday in the night time we got to go down to San Pedro to watch the cultural celebration and it was super cool! Cooler than that was staying the night in the house of San Pedro 1bis (my old house) and seeing everyone from the ward! The coolest to see was Abigail Romero Lira, she was the hermana that got baptized my first week here when I was with Elder Lewis. She literally started cry
ing when she saw me and I almost did the same, she told me how hard it’s been these last few months, but how she really wants to get sealed to her husband in the temple soon, and how much it helped her to see me again to remind her of her baptism. It was super spiritual to be able to talk to her, and everyone else again, and see that I really did help people when I was there!

Then yesterday the temple was dedicated by Henry B Eyering and he was here with Jeffery R Holland, they gave some awesome talks about the sacrifices of the temple, and how important it is. I really hope President lets us go again soon!

Well, I hope you had a good week, I love and miss you all!!

Elder Stout

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