Wednesday, September 23, 2015

July 20 - 10 months and President Meacham

Hey all!

So there was three really cool highlights this week! The first of which was that for the first time in my time here in Olivos, Elder Hilario and I reached the 40 lessons. That’s really big because when I got here it was absolutely dead, President told me it’s one of the harder areas in the mission and that I was going to have my work cut out for me. We started out with about 15 every week, but I never once lowered my goal from the 40. We have received a promise from the Lord, that if we do all we can to reach this goal and help as many of his children as is possible that he will open doors and pave roads for us in the work that we have never imagined possible. I am super excited for this, because even though I think I will be leaving the area this change when my comp finishes his training in 3 weeks, I am so happy to be leaving this area with blessings of the Lord so that this ward can continue growing. Working hard has truly helped me develop love for a very very hard area.

The coolest part of this was Saturday. We started Saturday with 31 lessons, and after many fervent prayers by my comp and me, we saw how much the Lord wanted us to reach this goal as well. Everyone was home, like literally everyone, we were running around all day to try and teach 9 lessons and the Lord just paved the way! We even contacted a guy in the park and were like so when can we pass by, and he was like how about we talk right now on this bench, and we were like, since when does that happen??? But it was so incredible, and just an awesome experience to feel the spirit really strongly as we accounted to the Lord that we had reached his goal, nothing better than that!

Second, I had the opportunity to lead an initiative in our ward. After talking with the bishop, I got to give a talk yesterday to explain fasting and announce that starting August 2nd for 40 days we are going to do a 40 day fast for missionary work here in the ward like we did back at home! This was my idea on how to get the ward excited for what we as the missionaries are doing because too much we have the missionaries, the investigators, and the recent converts on one side and the rest of the church on the other side, I really want to help us become more unified!

Thirdly, I got to have an interview with President Meacham this week, it was our trimesterly? interview, no idea if that’s a thing in English. But it was just so powerful! He just spoke right to me, right to my soul even though we have only talked like 5 times before! One thing that hit me was he was talking about his calling to serve in the stake presidency that he received while he was serving as bishop and that he just cried all night and said I know that this means I have finished my service with them, but I still need them, I don’t want to leave them behind, even if I don’t have anything to offer them, I still need what they’ve given me. I want to have this attitude from now on in my mission. I don’t care if it’s the hardest area, the hardest ward, the hardest comp in the mission, I want to be truly and genuinely sad to leave them behind. This is a new goal that I have from now on! 

I love being a missionary, I am so excited to work with President Meacham, and will someone please tell whoever is controlling the time on this whole mission thing, to slow down!! There’s no way that I have 10 months already, I think the watch broke or something!

Haha Love you all, and miss you!

Elder Stout

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