Saturday, September 26, 2015

Aug 10 - The Dragon!


So the majority of what happened this week happened Tuesday. We had a special training, where President started off by telling us that Elder Hamilton had an announcement that was going to absolutely change our mission. Elder Hamilton got up to tell us that we are going to be allowed to take investigators to the temple open house over these next three weeks! I don´t know if I have ever been so excited for something in my life, we just got super excited and are working so hard to literally invite everyone that we possibly can to go with us. It is going to be such an incredible experience, where everyone will feel the spirit so strong. I am really hoping that we can get everything to work out this week because we have changes next week and it would really suck to go to another area and not get to go with all of the people that I have met here. So fingers crossed that we will be able to go!

The second big thing that happened Tuesday was something that’s fondly called by missionaries here, the double headed dragon. I won’t go into too many details, but pretty much, while the zone leaders were training us, I started to feel super dizzy and started to sweat A TON! Like buckets, like I felt like I had just played basketball in Arizona an entire afternoon. Luckily, Elder Hilario noticed and was like dude we gotta go, so we left, and just in time. To save your imaginations, I am just going to say I spent the next hour in the bathroom sitting on the can with a trash can in front of me. I have never felt that sick in my entire life, there were literally moments that I thought I was dying or that I must have some sort of parasite and so that they were going to send me home, I felt so bad. I finally regained my composure enough to be able to take a taxi ride home, and I limped/crawled into my bed. But weirdly enough at 5 o clock I woke up feeling a little better, and I just wanted to go out and work, and so that’s what we did. Only later on did we figure out why. So, we are doing our 40 day fast thing, where everyday someone fasts to help us. Our ward ym president, Jose Canela was fasting this day, and I kid you not, to the minute, he started his fast when I felt good enough to leave. What a cool testimony of the power of fasting.
This Saturday we also had an incredible day, where we saw the hand of the Lord leading us. We only needed a few more lessons to be able to get to the 40 again, and we just had the best luck, just like last time! I included a picture of Jaime, who when we were starting to lose hope, ran up to us yelling HERMANOS HERMANOS and he really needed us right then, so we taught him a lesson to calm him down. He is a member who is sick, and slowly his mental capacity is declining, but he loves to talk to the missionaries to help him feel peace again, he told me that I am his favorite missionary this week and it literally brought tears to my eyes, to see how this message that I bring, really can help everyone. We finished off Saturday with an incredible baptism of Yareli Dominguez, Rafas sister! She was super super nervous of water, so she didn’t think that she was going to be able to do it, but she and I said a quick prayer before entering the water and I saw the fear just fade from her face, it was such a cool experience! 

Wow, what a week, I am so happy with the progress that we have made here in this area, we are now one of the few companionships in the history of the mission to have reached the 40 lessons and baptize in the same week. I feel so blessed, and it has taught me a lot about faith and hope, to come into a dead area like this and to see that when we want to work, the Lord is going to bless us with work. I am starting to really hope that I don’t have changes next week.

Elder Stout

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