Sunday, November 8, 2015

Nov 2 - Dia de Los Muertos

Hey all!!
This was a pretty good last week! It actually went flying by, so it will be kind of hard to remember the important things that happened but I will do my best! First of all, the biggest thing this last week was that we passed day of the dead here and we all survived. Up here in Topilejo it was actually a ton more chill than we all thought it would be. It was actually just like the states, they all just literally trick or treating and so it was just all a ton of little kids. not going to lie, being up in a small country mountain town we were all kind of hoping to see some like black magic or something, but nope it was all super calm.

This week was a little bit of a harder week work wise. It just seemed like we were walking a ton, but we also got some super good investigators this week. One was an hermana named Socorro. When I was intercambios with Elder Crockett she was outside laying cement and we were like what the heck is an old woman doing laying her own cement, haha so we ran over and we helped her out for a while, so she accepted that we would come by to teach her. So this week we went by twice and she just fell in love with the gospel she already has a date to be baptized and is progressing super well. She came to the chapel yesterday and even got up to bear her testimony on her very first Sunday!! Wow, that was incredible!

Also, we found a young man named Alejandro. His girlfriend is a member in San Pedro, small word! Haha but, he already has a super strong testimony of the book of Mormon from what she has told him, and his first question was just kind of like, so when can I get baptized! Wow, is the Lord putting people in our path or what??

The district is going great. I had intercambios with Elder Bautista this week so I got to go to the scenic Topilejo 2 area so I got a ton of cool pics up there! As you can see we also celebrated Halloween here! Hahaha nope just the pictures this year, but next year yes we will.

The investigators we have already have are progressing well but for some reason the family Ramierez just fell off the map and we have like no idea what happened to them so that was a huge bummer. But Melanie is still getting ready to be baptized. Her dad decided he would rather her be baptized sooner instead of waiting until he can do it. So we will see what ends up happening!

Next weeks is changes and for some reason the whole district thinks that I am going to be heading out. I really hope not but we will see! I am going to everything that I can to be able to get ready for the changes if we have them and leave a super strong area if needs be!

Well, hope y’all have a great week,

Elder Stout

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