Monday, November 16, 2015

November 16 - Eating Habaneros!

Hey all!

Well first of all what a bummer that it sounds like everyone was sick this last week, especially well right now! Bleh that’s the worst!! Actually it’s kind of funny because I was super sick last week too! But I will get to that later on.

So we had a pretty interesting Monday night last week. So Elder Perez was packing up all of his stuff and we were helping him, and then he reminded me that I had made him a bet that if he woke up on time every day that when one of us left we would eat a chile habanero (the hottest one here in Mexico) haha I wasn’t so glad that he remembered. But, a promise is a promise, and a deal is a deal and so we did it! We also roped in the Elder Bojorquez and Elder Bautista too, and it was actually super funny. I have a great video to show you guys in when I get home of the whole event, haha but for now pictures will do. But it was literally the hottest thing that I have ever eaten in my entire life! Wow, but now like nothing is hot so that’s pretty cool.

Work wise we had a great week. Socorro is still progressing strong and we might try to change her baptismal date because it’s going so well. She also introduced us to her friend Salome who is now a new investigator and she is also super awesome and super chosen! She lost her legs about a year ago so the gospel supplies her with a ton of hope! We have seen a lot of help from the branch to like help her to get to church and stuff like that because well she is in a wheel chair, but its gone super well and we are going to try and put a baptismal date with her this week.

Also, last night we found like two college aged kids named Andrea and Gerardo. They have A TON of questions and a ton of weird notions. Like to quote one that they told us, Gerardo said I think that the only real bible is nature man. Haha he reminds me of the Volkswagen bus from Cars. But they are super awesome and they are friends with Angel Linares from the branch so he has been helping us out as well.

So on Thursday this week we were doing our weekly planning and I just started to feel awful. Needless to say that I spent the rest of the day throwing up into a bucket so that was no fun! But at least it passed by in just one day. I still don’t feel 100% but little by little. The one bad part was that we had a leadership training from President on Friday but I still didn’t feel great so I had a hard time paying attention and learning. That was rough because he always gives such great trainings that I am usually hooked on every word, but this week I can only remember what I have in my notes.

Well, I think that’s a wrap this week from Topilejo! Have a great week!

Elder Stout

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