Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Nov 9 - Staying in Topi!

Hey all!
Well the big news is that with the changes that we got last night, I am going to be here in Topi for 6 more weeks with Elder Bojorquez so no changes on our side. In the district Elder Perez is heading out which is a bummer because he was only here 6 weeks and he was always here to lighten the mood so we will see who the Lord sends with Elder Bautista for these next 6 weeks!

The other big thing that happened this week was Melany’s baptism! The super cool thing that happened with all of that is that Elder Hamilton baptized her dad while he was here in Topi and when it came up that her dad wasn’t going to be able to baptize her we thought about how cool it would be to have Elder Hamilton come and do the baptism. So, on his last Saturday here in the mission he got to come and baptize Melany! It was a super cool baptismal service, we had a ton of less active members there and they all told us that it helped them to remember their own baptisms which is kind of the whole point! haha so that was super cool! A bunch of them were crying especially Jose Luis, Melany’s dad and we just all felt the spirit super strong.

Then on Sunday Melany asked me to do the confirmation so that was a super cool experience. Also on Sunday, the three people who were supposed to give talks all didn’t show up. So last second Elder Bojorquez, Elder Perez and I all had to speak. This was honestly the first time I have given a talk completely unprepared but it was a super cool topic about covenants and their importance in our lives. I literally had the spirit teaching me as I was up in front giving the talk about how our covenants should literally be our guide and motivation behind everything that we do, so that was a cool experience!!

We are still working hard with the other people that we have too! Socorro looks like she is progressing the best here in Topilejo. She came to church again yesterday and is loving the gospel! She told us yesterday, I have been to a lot of different churches and I have left a lot of them feeling good, but never as good as I feel when I leave this church. I know that there is something different here. What a wonderful sentence to hear from someone to know that the spirit is truly changing their heart and opening their spiritual eyes!

Well I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Stout

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